Scientific Diving

Science Diving
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At UH Hilo, you can learn to SCUBA dive through the Campus Recreation Department. To use SCUBA in classes or research requires becoming a Scientific Diver, which is administered by the UH Hilo Diving Safety Program. Many of our faculty and staff are currently diving as scientific divers in support of classes or reserch projects. To be a UH Scientific Diver requires a significant time investment, as each diver requires a lengthy application process, an extensive medical review, and an evaluation of skills tested in the pool and open water environments. Each diver is required to have current CPR, First aid AED and O2 training. This ensures a strong, safe program for all divers at UH Hilo.

Interested in becoming a scientific diver?

If you are planning on becoming or working as a scientific diver at UH Hilo, please review the "Diver-In-Training Qualifications" flowchart and contact the Unit Diving Coordinator, or visit him at the MOP Office, Between Life Sciences C & D.

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