Degrees Offered in Marine Science

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The BA in Marine Science is designed for students planning on careers in marine related businesses in such fields as ecotourism, mariculture, or environmental law. It has more electives to give students greater flexibility in customizing the degree to their specific goals and fewer upper level science requirements than the BS. 

(Link to Bachelor of Arts (BA) PDF checklist)

Bachelor of Science (BS)

The BS in Marine Science is designed for students seeking careers as scientists, secondary school science teachers or university faculty. It has more upper level marine science requirements than the BA program and fewer electives.

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Marine Science Minor

The minor in Marine Science is meant to supplement a student's education with enough marine science to give them a basic understanding of core issues in the field.

(Link to Minor in Marine Science PDF info sheet)

Marine Option Program Certificate

The Marine Option Program (MOP) is a university-wide program that acts as a center for marine-related activities ranging from scientific research to marine recreation. The certificate is available to students from any major and can be earned by completing selected courses and a skills project or internship.  

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